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Cold Temperature Tips for Seniors

January 31, 2023

 – Today started off very chilly in parts of the Bay Area with temperatues in the 20’s and 30’s, luckily the day warmed up nicely as the sun came out.  Although we do not suffer from extreme cold here in California, we do need to be aware of the impact of cold weather on seniors which can be especially challenging.  Here are a few tips to help you and your elders navigate through the winter months.


A. Dress for the weather:  If staying at home, add a layer of clothing.  If you are heading outdoors, be sure and wear the right gear.  Change your footwear to boots, add a heavy jacket, wool scarf, use a hat and gloves.  Change clothing quickly if it gets damp or wet. Wear long pajamas at night and add extra covers to your bedding.

B. Watch the temperature at home: Keeping the house safely warm is really important. Make sure you inspect space heaters so that they offer heat and are safe with no frayed power cords. Keep extra emergency supplies in case of power outages. On the flip-side do not overheat, be mindlful of having the fireplace on as well as another heating element simultaneously.

C.  Keep your body moving: Getting your exercise outdoors can be a bit more difficult during winter months. Heading to the local mall may be a great indoor walking option.  Be extra careful on rainy days if walking outdoors, wearing the right shoes can prove beneficial and can diminish the risk of falls.  Another great option is to do chair exercises.

D. Stay hydrated:  The forced-air heating systems and dry cold weather make it as important to drink water in winter as it is in summer. Drink warm fluids such as tea if  you find it difficult to drink cold water.

E. Eat enough food to keep your body weight and temperature in check: Eating helps to generate internal heat, subsequently leading to a rise in body temperature. During winter, the body works harder and spends more energy just trying to keep warm.  Feed a senior properly to supplement the body’s natural increase in energy use.

We are fortunte to live in a typically mild climate and do not need to worry much about ice or snow during winter.  We may still experience some winter challenges though, these tips offer some ways to keep our seniors safe and healthy during the fall and winter months.

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