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 The Senior Alternatives team members have put together these videos and articles to help families navigate issues in caring for their loved ones.

Get the information you need to help your family members navigate the challenges of finding excellent caregivers and geriatric care managers.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Vacationing this Summer with Elders

Read our comprehensive guide on the who, what, when and how of summer travel with seniors.

Improving Brain Health: Strategies & Tips

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, presenting us with an opportunity to highlight strategies and tips to improve brain health.

Why do the Elderly Experience UTI’s Differently?

Urinary Tract Infections affect seniors in a completely different manner than other adults. Here we review the reasons why this condition creates temporary confusion and how to stay ahead with preventative steps.

Mastering the Art of Falling: Techniques for Seniors to Prevent Injury

A look at strategies on how to minimize injury before and after a fall, especially for seniors who are at risk of falling.

Technology: Enhancing Quality of Life

In today’s technological realm, there are quite a few tools available to support elders and the family members who care for them. Read on to find out more…

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

Approximately one million Americans are living with Parkinson’s today and nearly 90,000 new cases are being diagnosed each year. On this blog, we spell out some of the ABC’s of the disease.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

On a semi-monthly basis, we at Senior Alternatives like to bring awareness to the public about certain medical conditions that affect adult children or elders. This month of March we bring our focus to gut health and cancer screening.

February is American Heart Month

This month we want to heighten awareness about heart health, especially for women.

Empowering our Elders: The Multifaceted Benefits of Home Care

Exploring the benefits for seniors who decide to accept help at home by way of caregivers or care managers and how this can empower individuals greatly.

Is it time for Care Management or Home Care Services?

These are some of the signs adult children may come across or look for when visiting parents during the holiday season. As these changes occur, it may be an indication that there is need for professional assistance at home for mom or dad.

“Thank you all for what you provided for my mother and our family. It has been a very difficult road with my mother and I do appreciate all your good efforts and intentions.”
Madison T.

Senior Alternatives offers an array of services for seniors who need varied kinds of help in daily living. The people have been uniformly professional, kind and caring. They have always delivered on their promises, even with relatively short notice at times. They may not be the cheapest service in the area, but having tried others, I am confident that in this instance, you definitely get what you pay for.

David I. (on Yelp)

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