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February 7, 2023

 – In the Spring of 1995, Janet was working in commercial real estate in downtown Los Angeles, selling and leasing office space to Fortune 500 companies in the area. The work was not very fulfilling but it paid the bills.  Janet started volunteering for Meals on Wheels for Jewish Family and Children Services.  In this role, she would go out and speak to recipients, would check in and ensure they had the adequate level of support and provided other services as needed.

It was through this connection that Janet found talking to and helping seniors very rewarding. She also did a volunteer internship with a geriatric care management company and loved it.  This led to the start of researching the profession and pursuing a Master’s in Social Work, along with a Master’s in Gerontology from the University of Southern California to assure a strong educational background.

After graduating with two masters, Janet worked in multiple community healthcare medical based programs to gain experience.  One of the highlights during that time was working at the NYU Aging and Dementia Center as a clinical interventionist in research on behavioral issues with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory related disorders.

Five years after graduation, Janet started a Care Management business in New York, after a year and a half she decided to re-establish in California where she wanted to live.

After 11 years of a succesful Care Management and fiduciary practice, the care giving piece was added.  This year, the company celebrates 28 years in business with a team of 85 members comprised of master’s level care managers, an experienced administrative office team and a group of dedicated caregivers.  Janet created a trustworthy and kind organization with a great reputation of providing exceptional care and service to families in need of home care and care management services.  She feels lucky every day to be able to do the work that she loves and is extremely proud of how her company is helping seniors.

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