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Hospice & Home Care – A Great Partnership

May 30, 2023

 – There is a great relationship and partnership between Hospice and Home Care as caregiving at the end-of-life involves much more than the practical tasks of helping a person who is passing away. It’s also about ensuring individuals do not feel afraid or alone.  Family support is an intricate part of the process as well.  

Human beings are social creatures. Our connection to others enables us to survive and thrive.  Some people feel lonely despite being surrounded by family and friends.

We have observed that people who engage in meaningful interactions with others tend to live longer as it boosts their mood, and gives a sense of purpose.

Enter the story of companionship as medicine.  We had a 98-year-old client of ours who lived in Oakland, CA.  He was a professor at UC Berkeley, world traveler, and a prolific writer.  He was receiving care through hospice and home care services were added to his care plan. He had many moments of lucidity, conversant, and was aware that he was dying. He was not in pain but was clearly sad and depressed. He said good-bye to family and friends and was ready to die. He stopped eating and drank very little.

His family was with him during the daytime and a caregiver was needed overnight so that the family could get some rest.  Our agency sent a caregiver to cover the overnight hours. Our caregiver arrived the first night at 8 p.m., introduced himself and saw that the client was awake and interested in conversation. They exchanged life stories and adventures. They spent the better part of the night talking and laughing. The client who had decided not to eat to quicken his death, was now asking for food and juice. In the subsequent overnight shifts, the discussions continued.  The family took note that their beloved father and grandfather was calmer, not depressed, or sad. The client was looking forward to the caregiver’s visits and their on-going discussions.

Our client eventually passed away. However, his final days were filled with a feeling of well-being and contentment. The family was very grateful and mentioned that Senior Alternatives had sent the perfect caregiver at the perfect time to provide care that was kind, gentle and meaningful to their father/grandfather.

We delight in hearing stories like this, and rejoice in the fact that providing meaningful support for the elderly especially during those last few days is one of the most noble things we can do as human beings.  This is what our organization is all about.












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